Artificial intelligence?

• Oct 27, 2023 - 17:00

At dawn I received a first notification from Transifex, in the afternoon a second. A hundred and a half strings that were found to be untranslated (but they already were) and then the resetting of the untranslated strings but with several inappropriate terms. If it is not a user but an AI better to go more carefully so as not to undo the work done.
Just for the record ;-)


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You certainly know better than I do but...Music_IA, as you can see in the image history had proposed terms that were incorrect for me (us).
There were relatively few new strings:
Something similar has occurred on other occasions, and the doubt that there is an automatism is strengthened when resubmitting the save suggestions many more strings automatically go into the translated state.
Just a bit of small talk in case others notice something similar.

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