How to Update to 1.3 from ppas?

• Aug 15, 2014 - 12:57

Hi, I installed musescore from de launchpad ppas (my system is Ubuntu Maverick)
and it installed v.1.1, is it possible to upgrade to v1.3 from the ppas?

If not, should i desinstall v1.1 and then install v1.3?

If then, how? (please report anyway but downloading the source and compiling myself ;P) 'cause i've tried the ppa but last of Maverick's uploaded version is from 2011 so i guess it's 1.1 yet.

thx in advance and sorry if it's not the right forum!!


You can find the PPA here:

Ubuntu Maverick, however is no longer supported:…

You should upgrade to a newer version as Maverick will no longer be secure from hacker attack. If you don't like the Unity desktop, then I recommend Ubuntu Studio 14.04 LTS release which uses the XFCE desktop which keeps the standard desktop. You can find it here:

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