I can not change a certain note to the one I want

• Oct 24, 2023 - 07:25

In bar 13, the chord shows a G as the lowest note (fret 0 of the G string). I would like to change it to an A# (fret 3) but for reasons unknown MS refuses to let me make that change! Any suggestions about why this is so and how to get around it will be greatly appreciated!

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Your mistake is to have ticked the lowest string G as "Open" in Edit String data. You don't need to do this. This is a (useless...!) feature for early musical instruments such as lute, theorbo etc. Simply uncheck.
See: 1Bella_Ciao.mscz

I quote (handbook) :
"Mark unfretted string "open"
This feature is used to mark a (bass) course as unstopped (i.e. like a harp string, only played in the open position): as on a Baroque lute or Theorbo etc. This means that only "0" (zero) or "a" is accepted as a fret mark: any other fret mark will be converted to 0/a.

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