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• Oct 4, 2023 - 03:51

I was looking for the double segno and Double Coda signs with no luck.
The Repeats and Jumps palette shows "D.S.S. al Double coda", but doesn't shows the double segno nor double coda.


They are not predefined in MuseScore.
However, you can edit the coda and segno signs and the text D.S. al coda as you like.
To get a correct playback, you must change the properties of the jumps and signs.
See the attached example file created with MuS 3.6.2.
Look there at the properties of all signs and texts.

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I'm trying to make this work, but I think that I need a little help.
On my score, when I open the Properties for "DSS al DoubleCoda" is showing Jump to: Varsegno, Play until: Varcoda and Continue at: Codab.
There in not a Marker to Varcoda. It will always jumping to Codab.
If I try to change the label, will only change the characters and the sequence will be the same.

I noticed that in your sample above, when I open Properties, the Markers types are "undefined".

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You are using MuS 4 and I can't (OS too old).
Thus I cannot reproduce what you reported when using MuS 3. Maybe MuS 4 modifies those of my example.

Nevertheless: you can change the names of the labels in the properties. First, for "DSS al DoubleCoda", change 'Continue at:' to 'codab2'. Then change the label of measure 8 to 'varsegno' and the label of measure 11 to 'varcoda' and the jump target of measure 18 to codab2.
Instead of changing the coda label to a double coda, a varsegno label is also available. But with "DSS al DoubleCoda" at least the jump target must be changed at 'Contiune at:'.

And yes, these changed marker types are undefined. In MuS 3.6.2 it works anyway, in MuS4 maybe not - I don't know. But I must admit that this is a critical point. Subsequent changes might make it necessary to delete and reset these labels.

I have not encountered such constructs in music sheets so far. But this may well be due to my limited experience with complex scores.

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Before reading your reply, I made the changes to the labels, but this time I saved the file. For some reason the sequence is working properly.
Thank you for educating me on this subject.
For now, I will enjoy my song.
Have a wonderful day.

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