Import from 3.6.2 to 4.1 messes up voices and ties

• Oct 1, 2023 - 13:18

On import:
voice 1 and 2 were swapped
Ties in voice 1 became slurs from the erstwhile voice 2 to voice 1

It also seems that I cannot manually redo the correct ties as 4.2 seems to insist on slurring from the new voice 1 to voice 2.

Look at the uploaded 3.6.2 example and see what happens when it's imported to 4.1

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I'm afraid Mu seems to have abandoned Linux. A lot doesn't work with MU4 and Linux (various distributions) . It's practically unusable. I was hoping that I could get the majority of the input done on MU3 then import that to MU4. There's too much rework needed.

In this one measure example.
1. I don't see any ties between voices. The D4 looks like the tie might be wrong, but if you drag it up, the D it is tied to moves up also.
2. More importantly, select the measure and go to Tools/Voices and exchange voice 1 and 2.

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There isn't a D4 - do you mean D5? I've attached what MU4 does after import. The point is there should be no ties or slurs from the semiquiaver. That's a separate voice. The ties were in voice one - dotted minim to quaver. Swapping voices doesn't help. I had to delete and re-write the bar, but MU4 doesn't allow me to tie voice 1, instead it forces a tie from voice 2 to voice 1, which doesn't make sense because the tied pitches are different.

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import-voices-bug.mscz 5.5 KB

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You wrote:
The ties were in voice one - dotted minim to quaver.

When I open your attachment in MuseScore 3, the dotted minim to quaver (3-note chord) is shown as voice 2, not as voice 1. It remains as voice 2 upon opening in MuseScore 4.
However, the display of the tie lines' end points differs. The ties' ends don't quite reach all the way to the dotted minims in Mu4 as they do in Mu3. If desired, the tie end points in Mu4 can manually be re-positioned closer to the dotted minims.

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