Muted Brass with Muse Sounds

• May 28, 2023 - 19:10

With MS Basic, I've been able to apply mutes to trombones and trumpets and the playback changes. This doesn't seem to work with the recent Muse Sounds.

I've tried the two mute options ("mute" text and the "+" from the Pallettes menu) with Muse Sounds but the mutes don't work.

I've already checked the MuseScore 4 handbook, but I have not found anything useful with brass mutes.

Is this a feature still yet to be implemented? If so, please mention when?

Attached is an example file with the mute text option.


I'm trying to get this to work as well, but when I play your sample in MS 4, I hear nothing for the first 2 bars. It sounds only when the unmuted trumpets come in. I see in the mixer that the earlier trumpets are set to use MS Basic. Is there some other setting I need to enable?

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Works fine for me, at least the first two notes I see in the trumpet 1 part in bars 21-22. All I did was load your score, change to MS Basic for that instrument, select bar 21 on that staff, and hit play. The notes marked muted come out that way, the rest don't, and until bar 25 when there are muted notes again, etc. Is there some other note that isn't playing for you?

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That video seems to be of a different score, containing only those few measures. Can you attach that score?

I guess it's possible your installation of MS Basic is corrupted somehow. Does it work for other instruments? Uninstall/reinstall might help. Also be sure you don't have a file by that name in your own Soudnfonts folder that is confusing MuseScore.

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Here is that score. I notice that in both my MS3 and MS4 installations, the soundfonts directory was empty. I thought this may be the issue, so I downloaded/installed some of the fonts you had posted several months back. {056} Trumpet now appears as a choice in the Mixer, and it plays—though if I select MS Basic, I still get silence.

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This file plays very strangely - I'm hearing all sorts of notes that I don't see. Ah, now I see - you've set the metronome to use a trumept sound. That won't do :-). Once I turn that off, all plays as expected - top staff plays with Muse Sounds and ignores the mute but otherwise as sounds written, bottom staff plays with MS Baisc and plays muted where it should, open where it should.

It's correct that your soundfonts folder (under your personal Documents/MuseScore4 folder) would be empty by default - that's a place for you to download third party soundfonts into if you care to use them. "MS Basic" comes with MuseScore lives safely in MuseScore's internal sounffonts folder that you wouldn't even see unless you go out of your the browser through the internal intstallation files.

So unless you've overridden the default by installing a third part soudnfont with the same name, you should be hearing MuseScore internal MS Basic soundfont. If you ren't, perhapos somehow your installation got corrupted, which is why I suggested uninstall/reinstall. That's why I was wondeirng if it works for other instrumentrs. Like, say, create a brand new score for flute and piano, add a few random notes ith no special extra markings, and then use the mxier to set both to MS Basic. Do they play?

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