Sforzando VST in MS4.1.1

• Sep 29, 2023 - 04:09

I use the Sforzando VST plugin with KBH-Real-Choir sfz in MS4.1.1, because the Muse sounds only offer choir voices that are too quiet and too fuzzy. Problem: After saving the score and opening it, the Sforzando VST plugin is created in the voices, but the voice assignment has disappeared. Does anyone know the cause and how to solve the problem?

Is it possible to switch off the "scratching noises" (e.g. changing positions) in the solo violins in Muse Sounds? They dominate so much in some scores that it is hardly audible. I would like to see the simple selection option of the midi voices (MS Basic) back again. Not only in MS 5.


Not sure what you mean by voice mapping. But for the short time I used Sforzando I don't recall a problem reloading.

Violin 1 and violin 2 do not refer to seating or parts. violin 2 has less expression than 1.

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Click the up or down arrow next to "empty" to see if your choir is still there.

I would try it but I can't seem to find a link to the sfz version.

I agree that the Muse choir is very soft. You might be able to fix some of the problems by downloading Pro EQ from the Hub. You can lower the volume of other tracks and raise the master volume.

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