Repeat crash on tempo input

• Sep 25, 2023 - 12:05

So, every time I accidentally put a line break (Enter) on a tempo entry, Musescore decides to snort too much fentanyl and becomes unresponsive. Version 4.1.1 on Win 10.


So I just opened a score, entered a tempo from the palette, changed 80 to 60, hit enter and no crash. Still responsive.

List the steps you did to get the crash.

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I guess it's a my machine thing.
Every time.
I can open a new score (e.g. piccolo in C --> open it up).
Click on the first empty bar. Mouse click Crotchet = 80, click the text, press backspace, put in a new number, and press enter, and Musescore goes pale and lifeless.

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