Unable to revert to v3

• Sep 22, 2023 - 00:23

V4.1.1 does not play back so I tried to revert to v3. Scores opened in v4 can no longer be opened in v3. Is there a way of opening a score in v3 after opening it in v4?


Make a MuseXML file. However, this reduces the score to its simplest form. Which means you'll have to edit it afterwards. I would advise making copies of the scores that you want to upgrade to MuseScore 4

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That is good to know. I based my suggestion on the earlier post that said XML would simplify things. The scores I do are pretty simple, and before version 4 was updated to find corrupted measures, I had to revert a few to version 3. I didn't find any loss between the mscz and the embedded mscx.

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