Installing Muse Hub on Arch-based Linux Distributions

• Aug 11, 2023 - 20:50

Hi all, I thought I'd share what I've learned trying to install Muse Hub on my system. I'm currently using EndeavourOS, which is based on Arch Linux, so this should work on any Arch derivative. There used to be a Muse Hub package in the AUR, but as of this posting it's no longer available. This will let you access Muse Sounds on your system.

Using debtap

  1. Download and install debtap (AUR, GitHub). This is a script that will convert .deb packages for use on an Arch-based system.
  2. Download the latest Muse Hub Debian package (.deb) from the Downloads page. (Look for Muse Hub (for Muse Sounds) next to the image of Tux.)
  3. Open a terminal and cd to the directory where you downloaded Muse_Hub.deb.
  4. Run debtap Muse_Hub.deb.
  5. The two prompts given ("Enter Packager name" and "Enter package license") can be skipped by pressing Enter
  6. If you want to edit the .PKGINFO or .INSTALL files, you can select any editor installed on your system. Otherwise, press any other key to continue.
  7. Wait while debtap creates your package. This can take some time depending on your processor.
  8. Run pacman -U muse-hub-*.pkg.tar.zst as root, where * is the build number.
  9. Follow the instructions as though you were installing any other Arch package with pacman.
  10. Run muse-hub to download those lovely Muse Sounds soundfonts!

For any updates to Muse Hub, just repeat this process.


Thanks so much for this! I've remembered using that AUR package of Muse Hub, how it runs but can't download anything. Now with this method MuseSounds can now be installed! (How I wish the AUR release of Muse Hub were built from this method from the start so that it won't be flagged for deletion.)

Again, many thanks for this!

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