Arpeggios making notes Staccato

• Sep 16, 2023 - 11:08

Hi there,
While arranging a theme, I came across a problem: When I am making an Arpeggio on a half note chord, the quarter note afterwards seems to always be stoccato, no matter what. I've tried to fix this problem by using Ties/Slurs and by removing and readding the Arpeggio but it didn't make a difference. I'm sure the troublemaker is the Arpeggio because as soon as I remove it, the issue resolves. It'd be very nice to fix this issue, since it's kind of affecting the piece really badly. I've added the file and I've made it so that the first time it's played it's without the Arpeggio/issue and the second time I left the Arpeggio so you can see/hear the difference. (Bars 4-11 but it occurs in Bars 21-26 aswell). Thank you for having a look at it and have a great day!

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