How to reduce space between systems

• Sep 13, 2023 - 21:23

Can someone please tell me how to fit this score on a single page? It is a hymn sheet for my church and I have messed with the margins, but can't get it all on one page. I really don't want all that extra space between the lines, but can't figure out a way to reduce it! I've wasted an hour on this!!!

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The God of Abraham Praise.mscz 34.56 KB


This isn't a "How to", just what I did whilst playing around for a minute:
Format >Style >Page >Disable vertical justification of staves
" " " Reduce Min stave distance to 7.
Click on the Title Frame and reduce its height and the Space below

It seemed a shame to leave one bar on its own at the end so I evened the bars out a bit horizontally.

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The God of Abraham Praise_crammed.mscz 38.94 KB

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