Automate Musescore?

• Sep 8, 2023 - 11:52

I'm trying to improve my sightreading by playing Bach's 150 Chorales. I was a little setback to find that the upper-level versions do not include fingering. The traditional advice is to play what feels comfortable. But, just starting, I don't have any comfort level. I would like to start out with suggestions for fingering, develop a sense of what is right, and go from there.

I saw a video by Dr. Cory Hall about fingering where he lays down rules about fingering Bach Chorales. I was thinking if there are rules, a computer could be programmed with the rules and apply them to come up with fingerings.

What would be great would be to press a button, point to a .mid file, and have Musescore create a .mid and .mxl file with fingering.

Is that possible?

I've used Musescore plugins, but I realize this is taking it to a whole new level, and was wondering if it would be possible?



Elements can be added to a score via a plugin so this should be possible. If you have any programming experience then you could start with an existing plugin and reverse engineer it as a basis for your own plugin. Would there be sufficient info in the source file and fingering rules to produce the required output or would some additional human 'know how' be required?

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