Auto-scroll in Continuous view jumps too far (and hides content)

• Sep 3, 2023 - 14:34

I'm using the "Continuous View" while composing, arranging, and practising. However, the auto-scrolling mode makes it hard for me to sing along, because whenever it moves to a new location, some parts of the score are hidden (because it jumps too far).

Here are three screenshots that demonstrate the problem:

  1. This is the full section that I manually center-scrolled

  2. This is how it looks during playback, before the score jumps

  3. This is how it looks after the score jumped

Note, that the word "couldn't" is visible in neither screenshots. I guess it might have to do with an incorrect offset due to the grey clef, key signature, and time signature at the beginning.

My question or request is: can you adjust the position, where the score jumps to, such that the score only jumps so far, that the full measure that didn't fit the previous screen is visible? Additionally, it could already jump when the cursor enters the first beat of a measure that isn't fully visible on screen anymore. That would be fantastic!


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