Moving a note

• Aug 31, 2023 - 16:33

I followed the directions to move the note head, but though the directions say "click anywhere on the page to have the stem follow". It doesn't do that. What can I do?


Are you using MuseScore 3? In the Inspector that requires you to change the Offset on the Chord (but not on the Note).

If using MuseScore 4, in the Properties panel you click Appearance and change the Offset - which does indeed move note and stem together.

Were you reading this article "How to move notes"? I think the advice is old and out-of-date:

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"There isn't a chord symbol above any of the spots in my manuscripts that are problematic"

CAVEAT: this advice is for MuseScore 3

We are not looking for a chord symbol. What we are discussing is a combined note+stem, which may contain either a single notehead or multiple noteheads. And when you select a notehead there is indeed a section headed Chord in the Inspector. That is where you need to adjust the horizontal (X) Offset:

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