Frames in conductor resizing when exporting parts

• Aug 23, 2023 - 21:58

Good evening,

I am editing an orchestral score. I add 2 vertical frames on the first two pages (resizing each frame to one page). Inside the first frame, I copy an image, that I extend to the the page frame full size. In the second frame and page, I do something similar. And then, on the third page, the music begins, with a frame on top, including title, subtitle and composer's name. I resize the frame and set the text lines apart to le them breathe.

When I export all this work to parts, the frames, the image, the text lose their resizing ! I have to do all these operations manually. Imagine this work over 17 instruments x3 movements... Insane ! Isn't there a way to make sure my first pages settings are transferred to each parts automatically ?

Thanks for your help (and in the file, check the page setting from timpani to the right... I already resized the previous ones...).

Kind regards,

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So, I managed to have at least the first page in the parts as it is in the conductor (jpeg in an A4 frame) by checking the "resize to the frame size" box in Properties. Works perfectly. But then, I tried to do the same with my page 2 (instrumentation), same principle and same elements (an image resized to an A4 frame) and it doesn't work ! Can anyone help me with that issue ?

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