Musescore 4 Metronome always on MIDI out

• Dec 15, 2022 - 22:20

Using loopBe virtual MIDI cable works with Musescore 3 but with Musescore 4 the metronome sends a C on each beat regardless of metronome setting. All files.


I'm having the same issue here--although I'm using loopmidi. The midi out only contains the metronome track. None of the notes from any score are coming through.

Also getting this issue with both loopMIDI and my keyboard's MIDI in. This happens even with a score containing only rests, also regardless of metronome setting (see attached).
One workaround is changing the metronome sound from MS Basic to any of the Muse Sounds voices (seems like those don't send any MIDI commands?).

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I am experiencing the same problem. I have an ASM Hydrasynth connected as my midi device, the score plays correctly except for it also always plays a quarter-note metronome pulse on every note, which renders very poorly since the keyboard is playing it back as an off-key note.

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I am also having this issue. I just downloaded 4.1 and installed it. I am still configuring, setting up, learning of course. I have a music theory background, but using this software beyond a basic level is new to me. When I play what I have written in MuseScore 4.1, the midi device, Roland FP30x, plays a metronome, probably is a "C." even when my song is over and there are no remaining notes written in the program (my songs are very short at the moment). I was searching to see if there is a setting to change. Thank you.

It seems like midi output in general still needs some work. I am experiencing the constant "c" pulse issue as well, and it would be really great it that could be cleared up!

Wow this has been a problem for a while i see.,.... Well ive recently started testing some midi routing for compatibility with DAWS and like many others found loopMIDI. The setting the metronome to other musescore soundfonts doesnt seem to work any more. Atleast not for me. But what i did find is that when using an external VST as the sound source for the metronome track it doesnt seem to send the ugly MIDI pulse anymore.

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