MUSE 4 automatically splits a staff. How do I combine the split into a single staff? I could do this in MUSE 3

• Aug 20, 2023 - 15:59

When I import a MIDI file into MUSESCORE 4, the program will automatically split one of my staffs into two (2). How do I combine the split into a single staff? I could do this in MUSESCORE 3. I cannot find out how to do this in MUSESCORE 4. This renders MUSESCORE 4 absolutely USELESS to me. Is there a way to do this. If not, when will this be fixed?


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Right o.
First I exported a midi file from a Logic track assigned to a software farfisa. Then I copied the midi file onto an empty Logic track and exported that, hoping that it wouldn't give MuseScore any info about what instrument it was supposed to be. I opened this midi file in MuseScore using file > open, saved it as before.mscz, and tried the following:
1 click first note of top staff, per comment above
2 shift-click last note of bottom staff. Now all notes on both staves are selected.
3 tools > implode
4 save as after1.mscz
5 click first bar of top staff, per comment below.*
6 shift-click last bar of bottom staff. Now all bars on both staves are selected.
7 tools > implode
8 save as after2.mscz

*Is selecting a bar different than selecting the notes in a bar? I'm asking, I really don't know. I clicked in different spots, but the selections didn't look different.

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Why does Musescore default to splitting staves when importing MIDI files? It seems like this should be an option. The steps outlined below are a complicated workflow that could readily be avoided if the application would default to importing a staff as non-split, with the option (on import) to split the staff.
I shouldn't have to work so hard once I've imported a MIDI file.
IMHO, this is a design problem that should be addressed.

Indeed. As stated, select the first measure of the top guitar staff. Then shift select the last measure of the second guitar staff. This selects all the notes. Then select "Implode" from the tools menu. This puts all the notes on the upper guitar staff. Then go to the Instruments tab on the left ( you may have to add it in the View tab) select the guitar staves, click the down arrow, and make the lower staff invisible by closing the eye.

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Must agree with the original poster, a design flaw, removing functionality that was in the previous release of Musescore. I have a string section composed in Ableton Live outside of Musescore, all done in one track, no midi channel assignments, it is a dead simple rhythm, the pitches are very widely spaced. Exported as midi, then import into Musescore 4 and it splits it into two staffs with very strange results -- some of the high pitched notes appear in the lower staff usually used for the lower pitches. Oh the select all notes and implode does not work, only implodes some of the notes.

The whole reason I imported into Musescore was for visually assigning voices, now to continue in Musescore, I would have to split the track into multiple voices then open in Musescore. Dog chasing it's tail comes to mind.

So a message to the developers:
1. Give users the option to auto split or not auto split when importing midi.
2. Give users the option to select various midi import interpretation methods, expanding upon what was offered in previous Musescore releases rather than removing that feature and having auto features that are not appropriate for user's needs.

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