Drag into another measure

• Aug 6, 2023 - 21:58

How do i add a drag heading into another measure? 2 graces notes on a quarter note with the grace notes on the first measure and the quarter note on the next.


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What you want is a "grace note after".


Also note that dragging is not the only (or best) way to add a grace note. Just clicking on the palette item is easier as you don't need to find the correct landing zone which can be tricky sometimes. Clicking works with all palette items.

[Edit] However, having just tried it, you can't attach a grace note to a rest which is what you would have needed to do. I will think again.

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Ok try this.

Attach the grace notes to that first note in the measure.
In the appearance panel, set the leading space to a negative value - that will move the note and attached grace notes left. Adjust the value until the grace notes are at a suitable position in the previous measure.
Select the bar line and increase the horizontal offset until the grace notes no longer collide with the rests.

The adjustments are shown here



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