Enable Docking the Mixer to the Right Edge of the Screen

• Aug 2, 2023 - 19:38

I have an ultra-wide screen monitor (34" set at 3440x1440 res). The default Musescore 3 docking of the Mixer against the right edge of the screen is just what I need to make good use of all of that horizontal space; in fact, it was a major reason I bought an ultrawide. With the Mixer docked there, I still have lots of horizontal space for the score, as well as plenty of vertical space to keep it large and legible.

Why doesn't Musescore 4 support docking the mixer against the right edge?? Because it doesn't, I have no way of opening the Mixer so I can work with it (expanded) while still having a good view of the entire score page, with no part of the displayed score overlapped by the Mixer.

Please enable docking it against the right edge!

Thank you.


I think about the best you can do would be to un-dock the mixer. Select the 3 dote in the upper right of the mixer, then "Un-dock". Then you can drag it around the screen. You can re-size it also. Not the same, but it is something, at least.

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It's a long way from ideal. I want the mixer open, expanded so I can use the faders, etc., while I'm playing the score. I don't want the mixer overlaying and obscuring any part of the score, and I don't want it forcing the score to have to position itself in a relatively narrow vertical band (as it must if I dock the mixer to the top or bottom and expand the mixer enough to be usable).

Again, the layout I want is exactly what the default layout is in Mu3.6, shown in the attachment. And yes, when you dock any window, it shrinks some other window or windows in order to make room. That's what ensures that the windows do not then overlap and obscure each other.

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I just want to support this suggestion. I, too, regularly have the Mixer in MS3 over on the right, which, as was noted, makes better use of the space on a screen. Docking at the top and bottom isn't useful because you have to make the Mixer window bigger and that shrinks the space for the score - and it also leaves lots of empty useless space in the top or bottom right.

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