Bb Trumpet 1 range limit extension

• Jul 25, 2023 - 02:21

I'd like for the Bb Trumpet's high-note range limit to be extended. MuseScore currently shows that anything from a concert pitch D6 and up is out of range for a Bb Trumpet, but I have personally been to a Dallas Brass Concert where the lead trumpet player was testing to see how high he could go, and he went slightly over one octave higher than that. I might be exaggerating a tad, but he definitely played higher than a concert D6, and definitely higher than the range I need for my latest arrangement. So even though it's not easy or typical, it is definitely possible.

However, any red notes that I encounter on MuseScore have no playback sound, and in the case of the Bb Trumpet's high end, that's an annoying issue. I'd like for a few notes in the red range (about a 5th above what it currently is at) to be changed from red to yellow and for playback sound to be added to it asap. Thanks!

If a feature has been added that enables me to do it myself, then I apologize in advance for posting it here instead of in Bugs and Support.


I think for now the only way to get higher sounding notes is to use the piccolo trumpet from Muse Basic. You'll need to relabel the staff. Not ideal.
But let's think about this. I get that you want to be able to write that high. Frankly, I think the Muse Sounds trumpet doesn't sound very musical above the staff. Very shrill and thin.

Muse Sounds is indeed currently limited to just the notes they actually have sampled, but they are gradually increasing this. Meanwhile, if you are writing a piece for which you need higher notes, simply switch to MS Basic or any other soundfont or VST instrument that does provide this sound (usually digitally synthesized from samples of lower notes).

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