Changing voice and playing bar colour

• Oct 6, 2020 - 11:23

I am using musescore 3.2.3 in ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS.

Musescore is always great to use, but I would like to ask how can I change the voice and playing bar colour?

From the picture you can see the note of voice 1 is blue, voice 2 is green, voice 3 is orange and voice 4 is magenta. Can I customise the colours?

Also, the playing bar is blue, can I change it into other colours?

Please reply, thanks.

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Hi. I am using MuseScore 3.61 still, and wanted all voice 2 notes to display as red, when viewing the score without playing it. I followed your advice, changed the menu as you instructed, and got all voice 2 notes to display red, but only when the mixer is playing them. Is there a way to have MuseScore color all voice 2 notes red on the sheet music, without having to launch the player? I tried using the voice color plugin but I don't know how to edit its file to recolor voice 2 red (it is currently green, and voice 1 turns blue, which I don't want). I want voice 1 to remain black. Can you help? How do I edit the plugin or main program 3.61?


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