Musescore 4.1 won't save.

• Jul 13, 2023 - 17:37

I keep getting the message "Your score could not be saved. An unknown error occurred while saving this file." so I guess that's a full day's work gone.


Same was a new piece and has never been saved. For now I'm publishing it to the website everytime to download and continue working on it the next time

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“Publishing” is a feature of the score-sharing website and as such can sometimes have temporary issues if the site is undergoing maintenance or your internet connection is flaky. But that’s totally different from ordinary saving. Assuming you have write permission in the folder you are saving to
a d your drive is not failing, saving to your computer should always work. If you are having trouble with permissions in one folder, try another. If you have problems in all folders, then it may indeed be a failing drive.

I'm now having the same issue for the first time in years. (My error message is "Your score could not be saved...An error occurred when moving the file"). I'm not trying to "move" a file, just save it for the first time to my Dropbox cloud folder. This has worked for years. Suddenly MS won't save this way. Fortunately, this time I was able to save it directly to a folder on my hard drive (C:\Users\cello)...phew. The other weird thing is that, after trying to save and getting the above error message, I'm left with just a temp file (main file GONE) with extension .mscz_saving (see attached images). Now I really want to revert to an older version of MuseScore but not sure that won't create more problems.

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MuseScore saves a temporary copy first to avoid problems should a power outage or other calamity occur in the middle of the save - your original file won't be harmed. And then it moves the temporary copy over to replace the original. If that operation fails, it tells me you either lack write permissions in that folder, or some other application has locked the file, or your drive is failing, or something like that.

Older versions wouldn't give you errors, they would just silently destroy your files when this happens. You definitely don't want to go back to that!

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I have the same issues.
I noticed that I don't have these problems when I work outside the Windows libraries (in explorer).
I stopped organizing my scores through Libraries.
As far as I know I didn't have these problems with version 3 btw.

Also, try running MuseScore as administrator, maybe there is an authorization problem.

For me, I go into my save files and I see an "autosave" and a ".mscz_saving" file. I just delete both and "save as" the file again and it works

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