How to shrink overall staff size for orchestral scores

• Jun 30, 2023 - 21:45

I'm having an issue with an orchestral score of mine where no matter what I try, the staff for the double bass would run off the bottom of the page in places where most of the orchestra is playing at once, and I can't see it. How do I shrink the size of the overall staff, and everything else in proportion (notes, dynamics, articulations, etc.), so that doesn't happen?

Again, I don't want to decrease the page size or zoom out. I want to shrink the sheet music that's on the page so that it all fits without being cut off. How do I do this?

And if it can't be done, it needs to be added as a feature yesterday.


The setting for the staff space size is in Format / Page settings, and that's what everything scales to. Note that orchestra scores are normally printed on larger that Letter or A4 paper so that everything can fit without making everything unreadably small. If a staff space of 1 mm (yielding a total staff size of 4 mm), definitely consider larger page size.

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