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• Nov 5, 2019 - 02:52

Is it possible to save a mscz score to mp3 format


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I'm being picky here; the process of making an MP3 from an mscz is not a "conversion", but, just that, "making" a performance, a rendering into sound, a following of the directions for performance (i.e., a score) to create a performance. You can't "convert it back" any more than you can convert a phonograph or CD "record" into a printed score (which doesn't mean that people aren't trying to develop technologies that "reconstruct' scores from audio recordings). As I said, I'm being picky.

Yes, I've tried it before!
Go to File, then Export. Then, the computer will ask what format you want the score in. The PDF file is selected automatically. Select the drop-down menu then find the MP3 button. Finally, click export and wait a few minutes for the score to export.

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Why don't you do it by yourself? It has been described above:

File - Export...
You'll get the next window. Choose 'Export To: MP3 Audio, set the MP3 bitrate and press 'Export ...' and save.

That was easy :-)

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