Musescore and Casio Privia S1100 - Entering notes via keyboard midi

• May 15, 2023 - 02:16

I have watched all the videos. Here is my checklist of what I already tried:
1. I/O recognizes Casio USB Keyboard
2. Enabled Midi in Settings
3. I have the app plug in for blue tooth operation.
4. Made sure midi studio recognizes Casio and is wirelessly connected
5. Restarted to make sure everything got a fresh start on reboot
6. Opened Musescore, checked connections, enabled midi, all there
7. Note input, note duration....nothing.

PS I can use my Akai MPX mini to enter notes, no problem. However, I want the 88 keys for music theory work.

Let me know if you can help.


If you plan on entering notes into MuseScore, and your Casio is hooked up via USB and recognized in MuseScore's I/O, what is the need for the blue tooth stuff and "midi studio"?
Sounds like you are inviting software/hardware conflict.
Try the simplest set-up first.

I had the same problem. The solution in my case was as follows:
1. Open the manual and find the section Configuring MIDI Settings.
2. On your Casio, set the Hi-Reso Velocity MIDI Out option.
In my case, this setting solved the problem. I can use the Privia 5000 to enter notes in Musescore without any problem.
I apologize for my English.

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