Note playback length percentage in MuseScore 4

• Jun 20, 2023 - 13:14


I'm sure it used to be possible in MuseScore 3 to change the playback length of an individual note as a percentage through the note property editor (so that the note could be made to decay/release more quickly for a slightly more staccato effect).

Is this no longer available in MuseScore 4 ? I certainly can't seem to find it. I'm transposing a choral piece using voice instruments and, where there's a faster passage with shorter notes, it is hard to hear where one note ends and the next starts, especially with the standard level of reverb on playback.

Can anyone put me right ?


4.1 will allow you to dial back the reverb. But meanwhile, I'd recommend simply using a different sound the choral sounds aren't going to have much definition anyhow since they lack consonants. Try a wind instrument instead.

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