Solo double-bass in Muse Sounds

• May 20, 2023 - 08:48

The choice of not including a solo double-bass in Muse Sounds is rather strange, especially since it otherwise includes much rarer instruments such as the contrabass flute. Even if the double-bass is not the most popular instrument for solos (in classical music at least, not in jazz) there are many cases in chamber music or even orchestral music (divisi) where one would want to play an isolated double-bass sound.


As a professional double bassist and edition maker I am super disappointed to see this. What needs to happen to get samples for solo double bass? Was the issue you couldn't find anyone good enough to do the sampling? I can get you any number of world-class performers to do this.

Let's make this happen!

Hard to say if there will be a solo double bass or not. As a trumpet player, I find the solo trumpet to be very sloppy. I don't use it. Violins 1 tend to swell on half notes. There's plenty that needs work. Hopefully, things will be addressed.

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