Does anyone know of a good Japanese female soprano soundfont?

• Jun 14, 2023 - 19:33

Hi all: I am tackling a very ambitious project to adapt a long score from the movie, "Dark Knight" by Hans Zimmer to MuseScore. Here is a link to it on YouTube: Please visit and listen to the first 2 minutes or so.…

Please note that a highlight of the score is the singing of a Japanese soprano. She sings only "Aaah" sounds which is good, but her voice is piercing and distinctive. I like it in the score but try as I might, I cannot find a solo soprano soundfont on the web that comes close to her voice.

Does anyone know of one? I'd prefer if it is free, but am willing to pay a bit to buy it if available.

Thanks in advance



According to the video description, the singer, Uyanga Bold, is Mongolian.

I don't know enough about soundfonts to direct you, but I know lots about voices. The sound resembles the 'belt' technique in western music which may match with a music theatre or rock voice. Perhaps widen your search to include those?

There is an Irina Brochin soundfont that I found some time back and incorporated into this Soundfont voice collection…
Its also downloadable from my site towards the bottom Legacy Older sets collection and is called KBH Real Choir V2.5.
The voice is somewhat similar to the Dark Knight song but to get the warble at the front of some of the singing you might need to put an extra flattenned note at the beginning of the phrase.

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Jonky: That is so strange. I am currently using the Irina Brochin female soundfont for the song. I downloaded it months ago and also chose it. We think alike.

I have no idea how to add an "extra flattening note" to it to get the warble the Japanese singer is exhibiting. Could you post just a two measure file with those extra notes to teach me what to do? I'd really be grateful and like to try it. Thanks in advance.

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I think just experiment with it. Try doubling up the first note with a short note (say a semiquaver half step lower in tone on top of the main note or before the main note). Having played it on a keyboard either way seems to come close in sound. I haven't tried it in a score.

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