Downloading and using MuseSounds

• Jun 11, 2023 - 00:05

Hi, several questions about MuseSounds and MuseHub. I'm on a Windows10 PC.

I've installed some months ago the latest release from MuseScore 4, but in the Playback setup, Muse Sounds is disabled and greyed out. When - in the Diagnostic menu - I query the CHeck Muse Sampler it tells "Muse Sampler library is not found".

I read that the way to get the Muse Sounds was via MuseHub.
MuseHub is not to be found.

I couldn't find how to activate MuseHub from MuseScore, I couldn't find how to download it separately (except for one beta version on the

So. How to move on to have the Muse Sounds available ? (Ideally not by reinstalling, because it will mess all my registry settings - MU3.6.2 is my main MU version and will remain it for now).

Concerned by the security and performance issues with MuseHub, if there is no way to have the MuseSounds without installing MuseHub, I will install MuseHub, install the MuseSounds and stop/deinstall MuseHub.
Can the MuseSounds works without MuseHub being running/installed ? Or must MuseHub keep running in the background ?



Yes, you can only install Muse Sounds through the Hub. Once the sounds are installed, you don't need the hub, except to update. Security issues may be overblown. I have it installed and then scroll down to quit after I'm done. If you have a computer that meets the specs to run MU4, there shouldn't be any performance issues.

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