Saving an individual 'part' away from the score

• Jun 8, 2023 - 15:56

I have used MS 2, 3 and now 4. (Windows 10). I am having trouble with MS 4 saving an individual 'part' from my band score. I use stacked notes in my clarinets, alto sax, trumpets, horns, and trombones to save room on the full score. In MS 2 and 3, I could 'save a copy' of the individual part, then if desired I could open that particular part and modify the (new saved) part to removed the stacked notes to ease readability for the player. Then re-save with a new part name. I CAN NOT do this with MS4. If I pull up the Alto Sax part and ask to 'save a copy' it saves the full score with that Alto Sax name.
I have searched the discussions here and read the handbook, I can’t figure how to get this option for myself.
I do not want a score with every part on it own staff....visually too hard to read for the conductor and stacked parts too hard for musicians to read. Working with older musicians that need visual clarity.
Can anyone help ....please? Many thanks!


Open Alto sax saved copy, than click "Instruments" tab (top left, near Properties), where you can hide unwanted instruments (eye icon).

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Thanks so much for reminding me of this feature, but I have no "Alto Part" saved. Only the score.
I just re-watched the video (MS in Minutes: Layouts and Parts) where they break apart the parts like that.
What I learned from that video, the parts would need to be voice 1, voice 2, etc. In my score I am mostly using the notes stacked as chords if the rhythm is the same for each part. It is more work for me to build 2-3 voices on one staff, but so easy to stack chords. I have tried the duplicate part....but what I do to one part....changes the other.
In desperation, I could put each part on it's own staff....generate and print (pdf) the parts....but then I would have to re- stack notes on a combined staff to make a simplified score for the conductor. Oh..too much work! My problem....I cannot save a PART, if I could save it, I could modify it. I have been trying this option on and off since matter what I will not save in the MS 4 version. Also, it is back sliding sometimes to pdf a part that later needs to be modified. I usually pdf parts when I know everything is perfect.

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I am not sure, I understand.

If you have score finished, than you can save a copy of it "as part score",hide unwanted instruments and remove unwanted notes.

But i think, You dont need to do it at all, if you set your score like this:
and put melodies to Soprano, ... and chord to Combined, than you can produce parts exactly, like you need them

Generate parts, and then, In instruments tab you can double click on "combined" instrument, and "Treble clef" appears, where you can set, which voices You like to show in this part.

After that, set Format - Styles - tick "hide empty staves within system" and untick "dont hide empty in first system"

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