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• Jun 8, 2023 - 12:55

Hello everybody,
I have a question about writing tuplets :

When you have to write a lot of tuplets, the most of time it's the same rhythm ; for example a triplet from a quarter note and another one...

However, you choose your rhythm, you make the combination Ctrl+nb of notes you need and musescore translate it for you by choosing quaver rhythm. BUT, after that, musescore KEEP the transcription rhythm so you have to choose again the quarter note to make a new triplet. Do you undestand it ? It's a loss of time I think. Why musescore don't came back to the initial rythm, the quarter note ? Never you have to put a triplet from eighth note after a triplet from quaver...

I'm waiting for that update since ten years.

Thanks a lot for your answers.


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Is that easier? You need to change from e.g. the quarter note to the eight notes of the triplet and again to the next quarter note. It's more work, isn't it?
My workaround would be:

  • write one measure with notes and triplets in this repeating rhythm.
  • Use "R" to copy this rhythm to other subsequent measures, including any pitches that may still be wrong.
  • go to the note input mode "Re-pitch" and write the correct notes without needing to change the durations.

You save work because you do not have to change the note duration. Applies only when the rhythm repeats identically.

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I think @elsewhere's intent is to propagate triplets by copying one 'empty' (comprised of rests) triplet and pressing R as needed.
This, then, is followed by adding the note names to the rests.

You propagate measure-by-measure (rather than triplet-by-triplet), then overwrite wrong notes.

Either way works without the necessity of constantly changing note duration for every single triplet.

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No there is no " and again to the next quarter note" at all in 'elsewhere' explanation.
From scratch, just:
select triplet

I'm on 3.6.2 though, perhaps that doesn't work in 4.0.2 (no idea) and your are on version 4? Could it be that?

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Yes, I am on 3.6.2 and probably misunderstood the intention of @Andysan.
I meant that several measures have the same rhythm with different note lengths and also triplets, as shown in my example. And then you duplicate the measures and write the correct notes in repitch mode in a second step without having to change the durations as shown in the second and third measure.
If you write a sequence as shown, you will enter a quarter note, then Ctrl-3 for the triplet, write the triplet notes, and then you will still be at the eighth note. However, you have made a quarter rest to a triplet and want to continue with more quarter notes.

Probably @Andysan meant the multiple repetition of triplets as shown below. Yes, then I've been wrong.

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Hello and thank you for your interest.
The great advantage of musescore for me, is to transcribe scores in only two passes.
Musescore is magical to add in one pass with shortcuts : notes, bowing, articulations, slurs.
Then, I've just to add dynamics and a few layout.
If I begin to use tricks, I go out of that philosophy, you know.
My recommandation is based on a modification of "Harmony Assistant's" tool for tuplets, where you keep the rhythm of the tuplet when you enter it, that's all.
I will try the tricks anyway.
Best regards.

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