A simple question: ¿Hoy many Violins sounding (aprox) when we selecting a Violins1 and Violins2?

• Jun 1, 2023 - 01:38

That is orquesta standard, that means: 20 first violinis, for ex?
Same question for Violas, Cellos and CBass.



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With respect: Do you know the orquestras are differents on your structures and formations? So, is important know how many Violines its considering (4, 8, 20, 30), what allow to make a preview to sound field and resonance of instruments better planing thinking when I give the score to real Orquestra.

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Some composers specify how many Vn1 Vn2 Va Vc Cb players they'd like. You could do that as part of the music you create. Composers who have big reputation can ASK for an orchestra to have certain #'s of string players, and maybe they get what they ask.

If you finish your piece with the idea for 14 Vn1, 14 Vn2, 10 Va, 6 Vc, 5 Cb, and some orchestra is interested in performing you work... what, would you refuse the opportunity if they didn't have enough strings??

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