playback problem - notes change to sustain or staccato

• Jun 1, 2023 - 16:23

I get this problem a lot - on playback the score suddenly changes to staccato (or as in this instance an increase in volume and level of sustain)
I can be working on a score for a while then the bug appears. Once it's appeared I can't get rid of it, for instance, by copying and pasing into a new file.
any help you can offer greatly appreciated
Working on Windows 10 PC, Musescore 4
happens with both Ms Basic sounds and VST instruments

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I don't hear staccato, but I do hear the increase in volume and sustain. The problem seems to be an invisible "playing technique annotation" at the end of the first measure. Click the last note of the bottom staff then Alt+Right to navigate to the next element, and check the status bar - you'll see there is something there that isn't visible in the score. Press Delete to remove it.

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It's a palette element, so you'd have explicitly add them. But, they are created automatically from certain markings when importing a score from older versions of MuseScore. So maybe you had markings in the score previously and they got converted into these? Do you still have an original version from a previous version of MuseScore?

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Very strange! For the record, the palette items in question are found under Text mostly, some also in Guitar. They are things like the "mute" and "arco" markings that are designed to have a very specific playback effect but if you try adding them to an instrument that doesn't support them, weird things like this would happen instead. Maybe you added one, then edited the text to remove all characters but left a space behind - that's the only thing I can think of that would lead to this?

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I managed (accidentally) to recreate the problem. I added an 'open' note to my score, and it seems to have been interpreted as a playing technique annotation. I've attached the score and a screenshot
the effect is that all notes sustain and play over each other
I just wanted a free text field - is 'open' actually an instruction of some kind?

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Yes, it can mean a variety of things, such as " remove the mute you previously inserted into your trumpet". Definitely don't use the special pre-defined texts from the palette unless you want their specific playback effects. For generic notes on the score, just add plain staff text (Ctrl+T, or use the Staff element on the palette). Or for larger blocks, a text frame.

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