Changing tekst (numbers) in voltas

• May 30, 2023 - 08:27

I'm using Musescore 3. Trying to get to the box 'Line properties' to change the number of voltas, but it wouldn't come up. Anyone can give me a hint?


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Hi again! I switched the MuseScore to English :)
I placed text: 1-2. and repeat list measures: 0, 1, 2, 3 in the first volta and text: 3. and repeat list measures: 0, 1, 2, 3 in the second volta, but playing it the program repeats first volta only two times and than goes directly to second volta. The thing is that it should repeat the section for the 3rd time, hopp over 1st volta, ending eventually with 2nd volta. What am I doing wrong here?

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The volta "1.-2." should have a repeat list of "1,2", the volta "3." a repeat list of 3, that much should be quite obvious, shouldn't it? No sure how you came to a different idea.

Then the measure containg the end repeat barline needs to get istr play cound increased to 3, fir right-click into it, measure poperties, play count

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Here an example of volta repeats. A complex one and your variant in the second line.
Look at the the volta settings in the inspector, especially the values in the repeat list. The text is only for a correct display in the score and has no functionality in MuseScore.
Look at the the measure property of the measure with the end repeat barline, especially the play count.

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Hello! Thanks for your answers and the example. The thing with me is that I go the 'try and get it or fail' way. Not always sure where to find exact commands. Here I am strugling to find the measure property of the measure with the end of the repeat barline. Send you two printscreens of what I am getting when right clicking the repeat barline. Am I clicking the wrong thing?

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Certainly you are right. Reading carefully the handbook is the basic thing. In this case there was lack of knowlege from my side when it comes to basic English expressions. But once learned it stays there for the lifetime :)
I managed to reach the goal thank to your patient help, instructions and examples. I'm very grateful for that :)
Have a very good day!
Sławomir Waszczuk

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Don't modify the style, that is only for display modifications and not to change the functionality.
First: open the inspector (F8).
Apply the right mouse button to the the measure with the end repeat bar line:
Measure Properties.png
Open there the measure properties and set the play count value. The value must be one higher than this bar should be played. (Hard to explain why but it doesn't matter if the value is to high):
Play Count.png
Then select the volta line and modify the repeat list value in the inspector:
Repeat list.png
The text field in the right upper corner of my picture is only for setting the text in the volta and has no functionality.

I hope this clarifies your questions.

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Thanks a lot for your help, Hilde. Your instructions were very clear and easy to follow :) I appreciate that you used your time preparing this lecture for me :)
I got everything right now and it works perfectly. The thing is that I’m not musically educated, and learn most of the new things by trying and failing sometimes. But what learned once, stays there for good.
Have a very nice day!
Sławomir Waszczuk

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I have no musical training either and didn't start playing an instrument until I retired and use Musescore when practicing.

This problem also gave me trouble at first, so I explained it in more detail here. I also asked for help here at the time and can now share my knowledge ...

Have a nice day to you too!

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