Send to YouTube feature not displaying score correctly

• Mar 19, 2023 - 14:56

With MuseScore 3, I always displayed my scores in continuous view, and when I uploaded my scores to YouTube that formatting was preserved.
However with MuseScore 4, even with continuous view selected, when I send the scores to YouTube, it reverts to page display. What's more, it actually only displays the top half of the score in the playback video.
I never had this issue before. If I exported a score to the MuseScore website in continuous view, it would show up in page view on Musescore, but would preserve the continuous view when sent to YouTube, with the whole score being visible.


Video exporting to youtube is a total mess and nobody talks about it! I can get a very smal percentage of my scores to get properly seen on youtube. But this happens with musescore 3 to me.

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