Issue with muse strings

• May 28, 2023 - 10:13

so I recently discovered an issue. On my musehub tab, it shows that I have already downloaded and installed muse strings (the check mark is there) but when I open musescore and attempt to choose a string sound from the mixer, there is no tab for muse strings. All the other parts are there, muse brass, muse percussion, etc. but I do not see muse strings. When I attempt to uninstall muse strings via muse hub I can see the trash can icon but when I click it nothing happens. To my knowledge, this issue has occurred just a few days ago as my last export had muse strings and they worked fine.


What OS? On Linux the uninstall can be a bit tricky. Anyhow, if you continue to have trouble with Muse Hub, best to ask on their own support site -

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Im using windows 10. I decided to reinstall musehub and see if that fixes anything. thanks for the help!

Update: reinstalling musehub seems to have fixed the issue for now. putting this here for anyone in the future who may have the same problem

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