Can't enter drums!!!

• May 28, 2023 - 17:21

I love MuseScore. It is smart and easy to use and IT DOESN'T LET ME ENTER DRUM BEATS!!!!! You click with a note, but it just ignores you. No drums. Why in the world not? What use is a "music-writing" program where you can't enter drum-beats? What in the world is going on??????


I have looked everywhere. It's not in the toolbar. It's not in Help. None of the menus say a word about it. Doesn't it bother the rest of you, to use a music-writing program with no drums? I can't understand it!

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And at the risk of wasting my breath, I almost never write drumkit parts in MuseScore. I hate the drum palette. I too just want to enter notes on the drum staff, like other notation software. I use a mouse. The drum palette seems to have been developed for pc keyboard users. Great for them. No amount of editing the palette helps.

Mouse used for drum entry, see:…

Regarding the second mouse entry method mentioned in that link...
Different from entering notes for a single instrument like, for instance, the flute where one clicks into the staff to place the 'pitch' of a pre-selected duration, a drumkit includes multiple 'unpitched' instruments -- and so snare has one 'location' (not a pitch like flute) on the staff, bass drum has another, etc.
Since the note/head locations on the staff are pre-defined for a drumkit, all that's needed is to double-click with the mouse on the chosen drum-instrument, and its notation will appear on the staff.
(It's not necessary to click into the staff, as 'pitch' is not relevant.)

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I understand the principle. But for my needs, the palette is just in the way. I only need a third of the sounds in the palette. Even when I edit out the sounds I don't need, it doesn't help. All I want to do is mouse over the first space and single click a kick drum note. It isn't about pitch. It's about placing a note at a particular place on the drum staff. Which is the same procedure involved in placing a note on a piano staff. Where I click produces a particular sound. Be it a pitch or a drum. Click on the middle line and you get a "B". Click on the middle line of a drum kit staff and you get a snare. That's all I need. I realize that there are those that need something more involved.
I also realize that the palette renders hands and feet notation. Which is not universal.
Anyway, I know nothing will change. I use the palette when I have to, but not happily.

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