octaves in the LH of piano part

• Apr 13, 2023 - 19:12

I wrote a part for piano, and I'd like to double the left hand notes in octaves. How do I do this? Copy and paste always removes the old notes.


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I know how to enter chords manually, Hoping for something more elegant. I ended up selecting the notes, copying them, transposing them down an octave, and then pasting the original notes to voice 2. Then while the pasted notes were still selected, I moved them to voice 1. It worked, except I was left with loads of voice 2 rests. However, I was able to use voice select to delete them.

Is there an easier way? I guess that wasn't too bad... But when I think about doing the same thing in the piano roll of a daw, it's sure a lot easier....

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From that link of Raymond Wicqart

"When using Shift+A–G to add a note to a chord, the note will be added above any notes already present at the cursor location. You can also specify the note to be added based on the interval above or below the currently-selected note.

To add an interval above the selected note, use one of the following:
From the menu bar, select Add→Intervals and choose an interval from the list;
Press Alt+1-9.
For intervals below the selected note, you will need to apply a custom shortcut of your own (see Preferences)."

You say "when I think about doing the same thing in the piano roll of a daw ..."

Musescore is not a DAW, so better not think about that when using it ;-)

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Yes, I realize that. However, I am going back and forth between MS and Dorico, and I appreciate how dorico has a lot of daw functionality built in... there are many times when editing via piano roll is quicker and more precise. And it seems the esthetic spills over into what you can actually do on the notation side as well.

But thanks for the tip-- I now have three ways to do this!

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