Is it true that 4.0.2 still cannot play a music piece or play a note when being clicked on the piano keyboard?

• Apr 4, 2023 - 02:25

If that's the case, then it appears more like a Beta or Alpha version.

Today's software engineers... my coworkers, I asked them how does something work. They often reply, "I don't know..." You asked him how a bug was fixed. "I don't know. I just do a trial and error and change things and the bug seem to disappear but how is it fixed, I don't know."


kennethpiano is right,
in MuseScore3 you could use piano keyboard to play notes.
I used it when I did first steps with my Midi piano keyboard.
With a Steinway sound font the result was pretty fine.
Very easy to reproduce :
. Open MS3
. View piano key board
. Play

In MuseScore4 it s a bit different, as MS 4 start, no default duration is defined, so the piano keyboard
is unoperant.
It looks like we had a 3 states system :

1 Piano keyboard input disabled
2 Piano keyboard input enabled Mode note enter
3 Piano keyboard input enabled Mode view score

1 Is the default state
You skip from 1 to 2 with N (enter mode)
You skip from 2 to 3 with ESC
You skip from 3 to 1 with ESC

Very easy to reproduce :

. Open MS4
. Create a new piano score
. View piano key board
. Play ==> no sound is emitted
. N to enter input mode
. Play ==> sound is emitted and note is added to score
. Esc to exit input mode
. Play ==> sound is emitted
. Esc to clear duration
. Play ==> no sound is emitted

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Ok, yup, after pressing N on MuseScore 4, then I can click on the keyboard to hear something. Is that a feature or bug? I'd think the user may try to play some notes and hear how it is like, before entering into the music sheet. So how about able to hear something before pressing N?

About not able to play sound for a music piece, I tried again and wasn't able to reproduce it. It involved downloading Pathetique 2nd by Classicman and it was said to be corrupted when opened by MuseScore 3, and then I added 123 notation (as Doe Rei Mi) using a custom plugin and resaved it, and let MuseScore 4 open it and then played it and it had no sound... but right now I can't reproduce it

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oh it goes like this: if I create a new file using MuseScore 3 or 4, and use View -> Piano Keyboard, then MuseScore 3 will play the sound while MuseScore 4 won't. (I think MuseScore 3 has the first measure (the rest note) selected by default).

But then even in MuseScore 3, if I press ESC to deselect that rest note, so it looks like nothing is selected and I click on the piano keyboard, there is still sound giving out.

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Both MU3 and MU4 depend on your having somehow selected which staff you want to use for the playback when using the piano keyboard. Selecting something is the supported way. it's possible some other sequences involving hitting Esc may or may not happen to work, but best to stick with the supported method - select something.

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