Pizz not working musescore 4

• Apr 3, 2023 - 17:43

Measure 9 in the bass. I use add/text/staff text but nothing happens. Its still arco. Did I do something wrong?

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You did add a staff text, but I think that you just typed in "Pizz." yourself.

If instead you use the specially pre-formatted "pizz.'" staff text which you will find in the Text palette, the pizz. sound is implemented automatically. TBH I don't like the way in which MS4 has implemented this.

In MS3 you could see the actual "pizzicato" or "arco" settings with right-click > Staff Text Properties > Change Channels . But in MS4 the "pizz." and "arco" special Staff texts don't allow right-click > Staff Text Properties - it's all smoke and mirrors, hidden away .

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The problem is that the old method was totally dependent on the old MIDI model of separate channels separate program changes etc. That's not how VST's work, and it's no how Muse Sounds work.

It is expected at some point it will become possible to custom define markings for things like this, but meanwhile, there shouldn't be anything you actually lose by not seeing all that old-fashioned MIDI under-the-hood stuff.

PIzz and similar markings are no longer created as customized staff text. Instead, use the predefined "playing technique annotation" markings from the text palette.

Note that in earlier versions, merely using the word staff text would not have done it; you'd have also needed to set a specific channel and selected specific voices in the staff text properties. The need for all that is gone now.

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