MuseScore 4 crashes when launching the program

• Dec 15, 2022 - 23:52
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S2 - Critical

Double click the desktop icon and the program crashes

Windows application log shows:
Faulting application name: MuseScore4.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000
Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.19041.2364, time stamp: 0x5b7d4d22
Exception code: 0xe06d7363
Fault offset: 0x000000000002cd29
Faulting process id: 0x21a8
Faulting application start time: 0x01d910dd514a8b7c
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\MuseScore 4\bin\MuseScore4.exe
Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll
Report Id: 7859c8e6-3887-4ba9-ac68-606d2a6f580b
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:


I just installed on Windows 10 64 bit latest version and it crashes immediately on launch. I disabled my anti-virus software to see if that was the issue but it didn't matter. I don't know if this matters but I installed the sounds library in a different drive rather than the default location. Not sure if this is related but I figure any information might help.

Edit for more information: I installed on my Windows 10 x64 laptop using all default settings and it installed and launched with no problem. I use the exact same anti-virus software for both PC's so that is not the issue at all. I am really thinking this has to do with the non-standard disk location for the sounds content that I specified in the initial install on my music studio workstation PC.

Further edit: I uninstalled and reinstalled using all defaults on my workstation PC and it still crashes. Perhaps this is because my sound output is through an RME UFX+ and not some internal speakers/drivers.

Final edit and resolution: Based on other poster's experiences I changed my output audio device to be Windows defaults and then launched MuseScore again. It loaded and launched without any problem. I then changed the audio device back to my normal RME driver output and had no issues. Apparently, the first time you launch the application you have to use a default Windows driver selection which seems really odd but at least I found a workaround.

Same issue here, Exception code: 0xe06d7363.

I saw issue #338312 and that is what caused this for me. Disabling Sonar within Steelseries GG allows MuseScore to start. If I then change the output audio device (Preferences > I/O > Audio Device) in MuseScore to something besides System Default (which for me is Sonar), I can then safely re-enable Sonar without either crashing.

If I then select one of the Sonar virtual devices as output, MuseScore crashes immediately. So the issue only happens if Musescore tries to use the Sonar virtual audio device, it's fine if the audio device is there in the background. I can use Sonar and Musescore simultaneously albeit while losing the functionality of Sonar for MuseScore specifically.

I do have to stop Sonar every time before starting MuseScore. Simply having it running while starting MuseScore will cause MuseScore to crash even if I have a different audio device selected.

Yes, the launch crash is audio device related in my case too. I have an external sound card Behringer UMC204HD. MuseScore crashes when windows uses the Behringer playback device, but with Speakers (High definition audio device) playback device MuseScore seems to launch OK.

Can confirm same issue here, I'm on Windows 11 22H2 64-bit, using Voicemeeter.
MuseScore repeatedly crashed when trying to open initially - I used a similar approach as @kpsiegel and @Glubbon - changed Windows default audio device to a different default, which allowed MuseScore to open.
Then went to Preferences -> I/O -> Audio Device, changed to my preferred audio device, and changed the Windows default audio device back.
MuseScore now opens fine without needing to change settings again.

Same issue here on Windows 10 x64 with the same app log. Couldn't get it to work like the rest with the audio device workaround. I'm using an external sound card Behringer UMC202HD.

Similar issue here, on Windows 10 Pro 22H2 64-bit:

MuseScore audio device is set to "System default".

If the system default in Windows Sound settings is set to my built-in soundcard (Cirrus Logic CS4208), MuseScore starts with the splash screen and then crashes.

If I set the system default in Windows Sound settings to my external M-Audio ProFire 2626 card, then MuseScore starts up fine and I can playback scores just fine.

However: I then noticed that if I set my external soundcard to use a sample rate of 48 kHz (instead of 44.1 kHz), then MuseScore also crashes...

So, I then also went to check the sample rate of my built-in soundcard and noticed that it was set to 48 kHz. So I now also set it to 44.1 kHz hoping that that might solve the issue (perhaps MuseScore expects 44.1 kHz?), but no, also after setting it to 44.1 kHz, MuseScore still crashes with that builtin soundcard set as default in Windows.

I also tried first setting the Windows default soundcard to my external soundcard, then starting MuseScore, and then changing the Audio device in MuseScore Preferences to my builtin soundcard, but as soon as I change it in MuseScore's listbox with the different audio devices, MuseScore crashes...

So, I currently can't run MuseScore using my builtin soundcard in any way. It only works if I use my external soundcard (and if that one is set to 44.1 kHz).

Note: I have plenty of other music/audio software (Cubase, ProTools, Live, Reaper, FLStudio, ...) and all of these work fine both with my external soundcard and with my builtin soundcard.

Frequency Once Many

I'm using Windows 10 Pro 21H2, with an Asus DGX soundcard. Musescore crashes when I have 'Audio input channels' set to anything than '2 channels'. When set to 2 channels, Musescore starts normal. When changed to 4, 6, or 8 channels Musescore crashes.

Hi everyone! I'm one of the developers and I'm working on a solution for this problem. I have created a test version which you can download from… (click "download" in the top left corner, no need to create an account). Then unzip the zip file, and in the resulting folder, go to the "bin" folder and open "MuseScore4.exe".

It would be great if you could check (under the circumstances where the official version would crash) if this version launches correctly and if playback works. Small warning: I recommend you turn down your volume when trying for the first time, because something might still be wrong which can cause some noise. It won't be harmful for your system though.

One more request: after running this build, could you please go to %localappdata%\MuseScore\MuseScore4Development\logs in Windows Explorer, and upload the files that are in that folder? (You may need to ZIP them before the forum lets you upload them; or you can just open the files in a text editor, copy the contents, and paste it here.)

Many thanks in advance!

I had the same problem and nothing worked for me - turning off other audio software, changing audio devices, unplugging them completely, nothing helped.

Then, by accident, I discovered I still hat MuseScore 3 installed on my PC. Uninstalled that and MuseScore 4 launched immediately.

Hey, I've been following this issue for a couple weeks, and have been using different earbuds as a workaround until the program would work with my headphones without crashing.

This fix worked for me! I can now launch the program although the playback is sped up really fast and the sounds are tinny, high pitched, and unpleasant. This seems to stay no matter which sound font is applied but goes back to normal when the I/O audio output is switched away from the problematic headphones.

I'm not sure if it helps to have multiple people's files or if you just needed one but I'll upload mine as well.


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Hello everyone! Thanks for testing!

I have created two new test versions that may fully resolve the problem (including the weird playback). It would be great if you could test them, and report which one works best, the one called wasapi_autoconvert or the one called wasapi_closest_convert_manually. You can download them from:
- wasapi_autoconvert:…
- wasapi_closest_convert_manually:…

To run them, extract the downloaded ZIP file, and in the resulting folder, go to the bin folder, where you will find MuseScore4.exe. Double-click it to run it.

It would be great if you could test which of these versions work the best: can you open a score and does playback sound correctly?

Additionally, it would be great if you could upload the log files from %localappdata%\MuseScore\MuseScore4Development\logs. You may need to rename them to .txt or wrap them in a ZIP file to be able to upload them here.

Thanks in advance!

On windows 10

Test score A_new_brain.mscz, last saved by MS3.50, see issue #340504, "Player playing sounds from multiple places in the score .... "

wasabi closest opens score, plays badly
wasabi autoconvert opens score, plays badly

A_new_brain.xml, exported by MS3.62

wasabi closest tells score is invalid, opens score, plays badly
wasabi autoconvert tells score is invalid, opens score, plays badly

All the four "plays badly" sound the same.

The order of log files in the is different from the order above.

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Hey! So I figured out what's happening on my end for this error. After I closed all my background apps and turned off Bluetooth, it still crashed. Then I realized I had to change the audio device from my headphones to my monitor. If I do this, I can launch the program. It instantly crashes if I change back to my headphones after launching the program. I have added a dozen logs leading up to this realization, including the crash after changing the audio input device. I didn't use the development mode, just the original MuseScore4, %localappdata%\MuseScore\MuseScore4\logs

When I say audio device, I mean clicking the speaker symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen and changing the I/O device. I'm on windows 10, Ryzen 9 5950x, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 ti, 128GB RAM, running on m.2 SSD.

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Reported version 4.x-dev 4.0
Fix version 4.0.2

Got to be a different issue, as this here should have been resolved with 4.0.2

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Regression No Yes

I confirm that the issue is not fixed in 4.0.2 on Windows (installed today). It works when using monitor speakers (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) but crashes immediately when the output is changed to High Definition Audio device (speakers). If it's selected, nothing more than a splash screen is shown.

In my case, most of the problems related to MuseScore 4 were due to sound settings. First of all, when MuseScore 4 was installed, there was a problem that the window did not appear and the program was terminated. In this case, the program ran normally when the sound device set to 5.1ch sound was changed to stereo. After that, even if the setting was changed back to 5.1ch sound, it was executed without any problems.
The program ran normally, but it did not play with normal sound. This problem was also due to 5.1ch sound settings. When I changed it to stereo instead of 5.1ch, it played without any problem. I hope my experience is helpful to others.

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Got to be a different issue, as this here should have been resolved with 4.0.2
As this issue tracker here is being discontinied anyway, report it on GitHub

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Hi I have this bug solidly. I've never run Musescore4 (nor any other level before) so my machine is unlikely to have any files or code remnants kicking around to cause trouble.
I've tried v4.0.2 which failed to start and then v4.0.0, v4.0.1 and v4.0.2 and today's "Nightly" and they too all fail to start. However both these Developer release versions whose links are above do run. (Progress then.)

When I initially loaded v4.0.2 on the third attempt to get it started I tried to "auto-launch" it by clicking on an xxx.mscz file that I had converted using the website. This started and allowed me to play the score !!!!!! Sadly it was the one and only time I've seen the v4.0.2 on this machine run. Maybe that is a clue for you.

I'm running Win10 64bit Pro on a small Acer V5 171 - 16GB Ram and only have internal speakers.

I notice that this ticket is closed. Is this correct as I still have the problem.


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