Crash upon entering text

• Feb 1, 2023 - 14:15
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Enter text, press enter to start a new line, program crashes every time


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Please attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem - where you are adding the text, how you are adding it, and what text you are entering. Text works just fine for me. Also, be sure to test this using the current version - 4.0.1 - as MuseScore 3.6 is not receiving further fixes.

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Reported version 3.6 4.0

I'm still experiencing multiple crashes when entering text in frames. I cannot get text to go onto multiple lines when pressing enter without the program freezing and crashing to desktop. It happens in every new file I create and also when editing old files. I've attached a score for reference with an appended frame which I cannot get the text to be on two lines.

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I'm not having any trouble hitting Enter to move to a second line on that frame in that score using 4.0.2. For example, I double-click the text, place the text cursor just after the word "yourself", and hit Enter - the remaining text moves to the next line as expected. Can you give more precise steps to reproduce the problem, and/or make a screen recording?

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Similar issue: MU 4.0.2 crashes as soon as I click into a frame/box which contains text.
At first, this occured when I clicked into the title to enter a newline. Because this kept crashing, I then removed the frame which contained title, subtitle, composer etc. and made a new frame which contains text only. As soon as I click on that frame, MU4 crashes, and a memory runaway occurs with high CPU load: MU4 requires more and more memory (I can watch the increase in the TaskManager). But I do nothing (because MU4 is frozen), just having clicked on that frame, and the memory runaway occurs.

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OS: Windows 10 Version 2009, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.2-230651553, revision: dbe7c6d
on a
Dell Precision 5750, 1 TB internal HD, 7 TB external harddiscs, 32GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro 22H2, build 19045.2728

I could reproduce every time, have it on video (but I cannot upload .mp4 here?); as a first urgent workaround, I deleted the text frame (not by clicking left on it or into it, but by clicking right on the frame and then deleting it).

jollygreenjam : Maybe meanwhile we could check whether we have similar causes.
Can you please: Right click on Windows-Start-Button -> Choose "Event Viewer".
In event views, in the left window, choose "local -> user defined -> administrative events" (maybe, they are already shown), wait some time that they show up.
Check the errors with the red (!) (click in that line)
I see errors such as (in German):

Ein DCOM-Server konnte nicht gestartet werden: MicrosoftWindows.Client.CBS_120.2212.4190.0_x64__cw5n1h2txyewy!InputApp als Nicht verfügbar/Nicht verfügbar. Fehler:
Aufgetreten beim Start dieses Befehls:
"C:\Windows\SystemApps\MicrosoftWindows.Client.CBS_cw5n1h2txyewy\TextInputHost.exe" -ServerName:InputApp.AppXjd5de1g66v206tj52m9d0dtpppx4cgpn.mca

Maybe you see similar issues with "TextInputHost.exe" or "Autopilot.dll"?
I also see some errors with "usoclient.exe" and "ucrtbase.dll", and
an error with "IVssWriterCallback"

The musescore entries do not provide much information...

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Hi, I can confirm this is also happening for me - simple to reproduce : right-click to add text to the default title frame on a new score, type first line, hit new line (enter), cursor drops to new line, application freezes. Every time. This was not happening 2 weeks ago. Windows 11 + Musescore 4.0.2. I initally thought it might be as a result of autoconversion of V3 score but it is happening on new scores.

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Well, the above issue is with text frames, not with vertical frames, not sure about the OP's case
But even with your description I can't reproduce a crash

Jojo-Schmitz: At first, it was in the predefined title frame. Then I deleted this title frame and made a new vertical frame, then I entered text into this vertical frame. I have similar issues in a horizontal frame, again after entering text.

Severity S2 - Critical S1 - Blocker

I have a new possible hint of MU4 errors to: ntdll.dll
Is there any MU4 file availabe which could produce debug information for you developers?

Due to mezzotenor with the same issue, I upgraded severity to S1-Blocker, because it makes working with MU4 completely impossible, and should be resolved ASAP...

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Open an issue for this on GitHub, this issue tracker here is being discontinued.

But as said several times: I can'rt reproduce it, no matter what I tried
And ntdll.dll isn't really a helpful hint, that is basically part of every crash

At present, I'd GUESS it is a problem with windows virtual keyboard and text input application. Windows seems to provide updates in which the text input application (virtual keyboard) is reenabled, even if it was disabled before.

I can only SUGGEST at one's own risk:
If one's not working on a tablet, one should probably disable the windows service "TabletInputService" (it has different names in various languages, the German name is "Dienst für Bildschirmtastatur und Schreibbereich", which would literally translate into "service for virtual keyboard and input area", so one has to look up the correct one for onself...)
1. Press WIN+R
2. Enter
3. Lookup the corresponding service (probably named as explained above), right click, choose "Properties", on the first tab choose start option "deactivate", then click the button down right "Apply", then "OK".

There's a second service, which I find suspicious as an error source, but I see only it's German name "Eingabegerätedienst" (could be "Input Device Services"?), which is responsible for buttons on remote gadgets. So usually, if you work with a remote, you'd like this service to be active. However, I myself disabled this service as well.

Jojo-Schmitz, may I please kindly ask you - as a reverse option - to ACTIVATE and start on your windows computer both services "Dienst für Bildschirmtastatur und Schreibbereich" and "Eingabegerätedienst", then restart MU4 (or even the whole computer), and try to reproduce the phenomena?
Thank you very much!

PS: I'm also going to write an issue in git-hub, but not immediately due to lack of time (which the MU4 error has already consumed...).