No note names on chords

• Mar 27, 2023 - 17:06

I opened an xml file from another program, and all my chord symbols are missing the root note. However, when I open them, the root note shows.

I also tried creating new chord symbols elsewhere in the score, and the same thing happens. The only time I get a root note is when I just type 'C'. If I put anything after the note name, the note name disappears.


Any clue what might be going on?


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But then I did figure out where to make the jazz font bigger, as well as where to set the global fonts to jazz, so I did that. Feels more friendly.

Also had to delete and re-create a few slurs that seemed to translate funky from XML. But other than that it's great. My first (and likely last) dorico project is now fully ported!

This program is a little nuts. How did I not hear about it for so long??? --Although it sounds like it's really kicked into high gear the last couple of years.

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