Generating Security issues

• Feb 17, 2023 - 17:39
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S3 - Major
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Install Musescore on my win10 PC and security software, Malwarebytes, began to generate warning messages, "Website blocked due to malware.

Checked with Malwarebytes support and the response was Musescore is the source of these warnings. I was advised to remove the program malware message.PNG malwareEmail.odt


Status active GitHub issue

This is known, it's really a false alarm from Malwarebytes. Meanwhile, you should be able to workaround it by disabling "community acceleration" in the Muse Hub settings (click gear icon at top right).

For further discussion of issues relating to Muse Hub, please use their support site at

My School District says:

""Hello Mr. xxxxx, good morning. This is xxxxx in the tech department and I wanted to reach out to you to discuss the music notation software on your work computer.

To start, I want to clarify we understand it is a useful tool for you related to instruction. However, for months now, it has been lighting up the warning systems on our network. The reason is it uses protocols for insecure file sharing and the program provides direct hardware access to the computer, and a direct path into our network from outside sources.

We are hoping we can work with you to perhaps turn these portions of the program off while retaining the parts that are helpful to you.

For context, currently, your computer is producing 90% of the alerting on our intrusion detection system. We would have reached out sooner, but we wanted to understand the program better and determine if it is an actual risk to our network, and it does appear that is so.

Thank you.""

I looked at the above workaround and: the two gears at the top right of my Musescore are either a) customize toolbar or b) further up and right...playback settings.

How can I turn off the direct access from Musescore to our school district network?
Thank you!!!