Export PDF in Continuous View

• Mar 19, 2023 - 18:19

Although this turned out to have been a bug (https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/issues/14929), I'd love for this to become an actual feature. Although not the most practical for physical printing, it was exceptionally useful for digital viewing.


Per the ISO 32000 standard for PDF, the page dimension limit is 14,400 PDF units in each direction. A PDF unit is 1/72 of an inch so the limit equates to a maximum page size of 200 x 200 inches. (5080 x 5080 mm).

So we can't have then infinitely wide or high.
Although more than 5 meters is quite large...

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I can't seem to be able to make my page larger than 2000.00mm wide. My version is:
(64-bit): 4.1.0-231921402, revision: 2e3a93a

Also, if I want to export as PNG, this limitation wouldn't matter anyway, right?

I also think printing continuous would be very useful. I'd be using it to add scrolling notation on a video. In this scenario even pretty ridiculous widths can be useful.

  • Frans

I would LOVE to have a continuous view PDF print format!!! It would be cool if this view would separate into pages for actual score printing.

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