Choir is rushing dotted rhythms

• Mar 16, 2023 - 06:03

More specifically the dotted quarter note, but I can hear it also near the end of this passage.
Put on the metronome and listen to how it plays the dotted rhythm before the beat, as if it is trying to do a compound meter.
(fyi this is in Somali, don't get any funny ideas..................................)

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I listened to this with metronome and I couldn't hear what you describe.

As an experiment I copied the piece and changed the tempo from 4/4 to 8/8, which gives 8 metronome ticks per measure. Listen to the second half of the attached score (same tempo but 8 ticks), and then also trying running it at half speed.

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Ok, I listened to your videos. I don't think that you need a reinstall.

The difference between the voice and piano seems to be that the semi-quavers (16th notes) after the dotted quavers (dotted 8th notes) are legato in the voices and staccato in the piano version.

So maybe you can get the effect you want by adding staccato marks? Try the attached score.

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I don't want the staccato on the "a" of beat 1 (1 e & a). That was just how I articulated it on my piano. Real voices cannot do that without a consonant. My issue is from the & of beat 4 going into beat 1. It gets to beat 1 too early.

If you listen to the recording again, the voices are jumping onto the dotted rhythms early by one 16th note (or semiquaver). It does this when the full voices come in as well. I have attached what I am hearing vs what is written. Yes i looped my w too many times

I am not on my PC right now, but slowed down it does the same thing. Musescore 3 is playing it correctly, MS4 does not, but perhaps this is related to a VST issue. I have not disabled the VST bank to check, and we all know the issues the VST bank has. For now, I will just use MS3 for this project.

Thank you for spending your time to help me, though! I am grateful for your help.

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