• Mar 14, 2023 - 02:21

Whenever I got to a certain part of my piece I could no longer edit it because as soon as I clicked on that section MuseScore would crash. I fixed it by taking that section, copying it, and deleting it. I pasted it back and clicked on the part and it crashed. After this, I couldn't get my stuff back and can't find where an auto-save might have put it. I attached the piece here and you can see that it just stops at the end when I had a whole page of music.

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New Piece.mscz 35.11 KB


In order for someone to investigate a crash, we'd need you to give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

Autosave files are in the same folder as your score itself, with the word "autosave" appended, and often marked as hidden. These are deleted after a successful close. There is also a separate backup in the hidden ".mscbackup" folder, this one maintains the state of your score when you started your last editing session.

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