Musescore 4 opens but is not visible

• Mar 13, 2023 - 17:23

I installed Musescore 4.0 and I have had problems ever since. Whenever I click something to open a new window, the windows open completely or partly outside my screen. Usually it is above my screen(s), so I cannot grab to top border to drag the window down.
Now when I open Musescore I don't see the program anywhere. I think it is open, but I cannot see it anywhere.
I have then uninstalled and re-installed Musescore with same result. Please help me!


I had similar problem with Musescore 3. To solve it I clicked on Maximize square at the upper right corner. See if it works for you.

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Dear Faybyshev
Thank you, I did that at some point and it worked! The only problem is now I cannot find the “upper right corner” anymore. Where is it? I just have the MuseScore symbol on the taskbar and when I click on it, I see the program is open, that is all. “ the upper right corner” in which app?

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