Musescore Failing To Launch after Splash screen (Audio Bug)

• Mar 13, 2023 - 12:34

Hi, we run Musescore (4.0.1 on Windows 10 21H2) in our school. As others have experienced Musescore fails to load on several computers after the splashscreen appears.

After reading others issues on here, and their solutions, we have traced it back to the fact that these computers do not have a sound output device in Windows as they run off of Mini Display Port to DVI. If we run the same computers over HDMI Musescore loads fine as the audio is passed through the HDMI to the screen. This is also true if we plug in USB headphones before launching the program.


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Hi, I tried upgrading a computer today to the new release, however Musescore still fails to load when using DVI and no sound output. HDMI (carrying the sound) works fine.

For now I've instructed the teachers to ensure that students plug in the headphones before launching MuseScore, so at least there is a workaround. Many thanks.

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